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David Bowie – Heroes

From the soundtrack of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, one of the songs that brings up the nostalgia of the 90’s. Don’t worry, we can still be heroes, even if just for one day…


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Bob Dylan – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

An old record from 1973, written and sung by Bob Dylan. A personal favourite of mine that has a beautiful, simple execution with a sensible and meaningful message…

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Jack White – Love is Blindness

For its deep, strong, haunting performance and for the way it makes you scream with all your powers against all that’s wrong, against shallowness and futility…

P.S.: In fact, I recommend you more songs from the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby like Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey or Over the Love by Florence + The Machine.

Stay tuned for more!

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It’s been a difficult week for me, a crossing point with no settled direction to follow, but a blindfolded drive. In this order of ideas I drawn a picture that should keep me on a straight road, even if the car I’m driving has dangerous increasing speed…

Without confessing my experiences anymore, I picked up a song from the American rock band Band of Horses, called The Funeral, the first single taken from Band of Horses’ debut album Everything All the Time, which was released on March 21, 2006.

Despite its gloomy title, The Funeral is so inspiring and motivational, a powerful song, emotional and expressive in the same time. It put me back on my feet, helping me starting a new chapter with no known destination. I’m going to enjoy the depth and the beauty of such an inspiring song. For now, the world is shut outside my own universe, where this song playing on the background.

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In the last week I got lost in such a vast theme as the war. I was always charmed by the mistery of war, but don’t get me wrong… I don’t agree with the atrocity of war. Is just that there is something that always pulled me in such stories, especially if there is a moral attitude in them. So much to learn from such things… From films to TV shows, from novels to video games, this was a week dedicated to war from every point of view.

I know that Pear Harbor is not that high rated. Nevertheless it remains in my personal favourites, no matter what. As I said, I got back into the universe of war and I can’t leave such a universe without reminding this film. With this thought in my mind, I chose this week’s song, Tennessee, from the original soundtrack made by Hans Zimmer for this film. Zimmer is a great composer and score producer in the world of film, know for his soundtrack works in films such as Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, The Lion King, The Dark Knight or The Pacific.

Tennessee is one of my favourites… It is so calming and relaxing and it not makes you think about war whatsoever, but you should bear in mind that it’s not aiming toward such a purpose. Tennessee is one of the songs that I listen when I’m looking for a deep, sensitive state in my soul, when I want to relax and just enjoy the sound of life… and I often lose myself into such a peaceful tune, into that mystical universe of Tennessee…

With the hope that I haven’t lost you, please, rip off 3 minutes out of your precious time and listen to this piece of art. It really deserves…

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A week’s gone and the late spring finally began. I’ve been passing through a difficult moral struggle, a spring neurosis as I like to call it. This week, I give you Sacrilege, the new single from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a song that impresses through its explicit and difficult video, but through its message as well.

The sacrilege is a major sin. How can we violate something that is above us, but even something in the same condition? Isn’t egality a concept we fought for, a concept we built our society on? Then why, why do we keep doing those sacrileges, why do we condemn the others, before condemnig ourselves?…We really lack a moral sense…

Sacrilege observe this idea from a sexual perspective, one of our basic urges. It shows that we have to control ourselves, to be more moral than sensual, more like the woman and not like the collective character. Everyone, even the priest, condemned the woman and chose to burn her as a solution, even if the problem lies in them.

Until next time, remember to look in yourself before looking at others, remember to judge yourself before judging the others. Remember to be moral before committing a sacrilege…


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It hasn’t passed a week from the last song, but I can’t wait anymore. This song is more like a special if I may call it so, another tune from Justin Timberlake, which got back on the stage with The 20/20 Experience album. For now, Mirrors, a great song, touching and moving, something totally different from last’s week Suit & Tie by the same artist. It has that nice pop sound, attractive and deep in the same time, maybe commercial, but for sure meaningful.

The song is 8 minutes long, but the time flies aways. The video is great, expressive, even artistic and the song has a strong and deep message. The human evanescence is the main theme of the song. The mirror suggest strong symbol, not only in a conceptual way, but for the video as well.

Sometimes, I like to see my own face in a mirror and to lose myself in my own reflection, looking for every wrinkle, scar and marks that time left over it, but more than that, I would like to see a reflection of my soul, to hold a piece of glass in which I could see my real face, not the physical aspect, but the moral one. Sometimes I would like to be Dorian Gray. I’d like to see myself from outside, to watch my life as a film, to read my biography like it was written by someone else…

Bottom line, attractive, but deep as well, a song with a nice pop sound and a sensitive message, Mirrors is a nice comeback from Justin Timberlake and a pleasant surprise as well.

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