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This was legend… wait for it…

How I Met Your Mother

Big shows always went off with controversial endings: Seinfeld, The Sopranos, Dexter, you name it. In fact, endings are always hard and I’ll try to make few points here of what I thought about the series finale of How I Met Your Mother.

Max Nicholson of IGN gave the finale 9.7/10 rating, saying “How I Met Your Mother‘s series finale was a beautiful end to a great show”. I perfectly agree.

It’s been 9 season, 9 years and over 200 episodes. That’s a lot of time, lots of memories, jokes, laughs, slaps, hugs, loves, high-fives and tears… and when I look back I see how many things happened along the way, how much we changed… how some things stayed the same… it’s amazing… The journey has been a big part of the show, but time tells me there’s more to How I Met Your Mother than story.

I don’t know for sure. I’d be on the gang and the fact that we all saw ourselves in one character or another. There’s also the situations, the stories, the relations, the laughs, the tears, and maybe the life itself this show was so filled with… Many things… After all, How I Met Your Mother always felt real to me, but maybe I’m a hopeless romantic… Ted’s a hopeless romantic…

How I Met Your Mother

Cheers to a great couple of people and their friendship!

I know there’s lots of nostalgia talking through me now, but nostalgia is not a bad thing, especially now. In fact, nostalgia is only one of so many feelings (good ones) I experienced during and after the finale. Feelings were never out of the equation with this series. I loved the character, loved the stories, everything… and that’s what mattered the most to me. I got attached to this show like I haven’t before.

Feelings and relations, characters, were all big parts of How I Met Your Mother and the finale definitely did justice to those parts. The gang saying good-bye to Ted, the empty apartment, the last picture in the bar at table, Barney and his girl, Marshall succeeding as a judge, Robin succeeding as a new anchor, Lily and Marshall having a third child, Ted falling getting married and having 2 kids and even the final scene, which I know bothered lots of people, they were all soul-wrenching and tears bearing moments and I’m not gonna hide that because it was great.

How I Met Your Mother

The gang was always the core of the story… Just look at them…

The finale wasn’t only trying to rip of some tears and play the drama card, but to say good-bye and conclude the story that went on for such a long time. And in many ways, it did that. It did justice to the first half of the series with its brilliant and unconventional comedy and strikes of drama. It did justic to the the last half of the series, the last couple seasons when the characters got to grow a lot. The finale was a tribute to all that.

I think most people had this vision of the ending that didn’t concur with the structure, but that only made the end more memorable. Bays and Thomas outdid themselves this time. The finale felt like having a season’s worth of material told in only two episodes and that felt more real than the whole 9th season.

Friends grow apart, marriages change lifestyles, things fall apart and even loved ones die… Nothing lasts forever… Life isn’t always fair or easy. It changes. Life is complex and the finale ended on that note, a beautiful note and I think most people got scared because they were used with this group of friends being together and seeing them grow apart made everyone sad.

How I met Your Mother

On that note, the final scene was a come-back to how things should have been. This was always the story of how Ted is in love with Robin, as his daughter put it. Don’t get fooled by the title, that’s a premise and the show is known to have plays the cards many times along the way. Even the fact that the series began with Ted seeing Robin and falling for her at first sight, took the story to the natural ending of them getting together. It was destiny…

The finale was soul wrenching, nostalgic, sad and many things, but it was conclusive, an ending in all the ways an end should be an end. One last high note and a special one…

PS: I guess some mysteries are meant to be unresolved – The Pineapple Incident. Not even Mosby Boys wouldn’t crack that one… And why did people got so attached over The Mother? She’s only been for a couple of episodes… The gang’s been 9 season with us. And the finale was about them.

How I Met Your Mother

A high-five to echo through eternity…


To the end.
To the series.
To all the fans who watched.
To the creators and all the people who made it happen.





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‘To kill or not to die’ – A story about friendship, closure and choice. A deep story told in a comic accent.

Stand Up Guys is a 2012 crime comedy film directed by Fisher Stevens, written by Noah Haidle, starring Al Pacino as Val, Christopher Walken as Doc and Alan Arkin as Hirsch. The film tells the story of Val, who is released after serving 28 years in prison, and his old friend and partner, Doc, who must kill him by 10 AM the next day.

Deciding that he can’t erase the friendship between them, Doc takes Val out for one last night, which turns into the biggest adventure of both their lives. In a moral level, the main premise is represented by the inner conflict of either to kill or not to kill your best friend. This assumption can be seen from multiple points of view and reflects multiple attitudes as well: ethics, relations, nature and choices, mainly those problems and torments that makes us humans.

Seeing Doc’s face make me wonder: how much can he take?…There is a lot of pressure of him. Powerful conflicts torment his heart. If Val seems more “reconciled”, he looks a lot more “tempestuous”. You can see that in his eyes. I commiserate him…

“They say we die twice. Once when the breath leaves our body, and once when the last person we know says our name.”

Doc is an introspective and insightful character, latent, deep at most. You can sense that he carries a big burden on his old shoulders, but he manages to handle the situation well and his denouement brings a strong moralizing effect. Doc is a polyvalent character with multiple layers and conflicts, not only the choice to kill Val, but also the awareness of what he must confront and what he has to choose. Doc is driven by his moral conflicts, he reflects most of the dramatic potential of this film.

Seeing this picture of Val makes me wonder: what kind of man is he?. Behind that comic layer lies a deep and sensitive soul. He is a man of contrasts, a fickle and versatile character. He is comic on the outside and deep on the inside…Just look at his face and you’ll understand…

“- It’s time to kick ass or chew gum.
– And guess what? I’m all out of gum.”

Val is a playful and living character, expressive, deep if he wants to be so. Released after a 28 years sentence in prison, he is put against one major torment: the lack of time. He is driven by the desire to recover the time he had lost and he has only one night to make it count. The dramatic moments let us see the sensible layer of Val and a representation of our human transience. Val is a man of contrasts, a fickle and versatile character. He is comic on the outside and deep on the inside, he is the one that drives the film into action, while Doc is the one that handles the drama.

Just like the old times…a good feeling of remorse comes out of this…

“- Hey pal, it’s like the old days, isn’t it?
– No, it’s better.”

Stand Up Guys is a great combination between comedy and drama. There are funny moments, but there are also deep moments. There are multiple layers of action. The film is seen as a comedy from the desire of Val to do everything in one night and from the events he drags Doc into. The drama of the film arises out of the moral conflicts and ideational aspects like closure, choice, friendship and integrity. The script is built as a comic story on the outside, and dramatic on the inside.

The atmosphere of the film is interesting as well and I noticed one brilliant quote that say something like: “I like working in the night when everybody else is asleep. It gives me a feeling of…being alive”.

Bottom line, Walken and Pacino carry on their backs the whole movie. They manage to add a great momentum and raise this picture out of its category.

My rate: 8.5/10

The trailer of Stand Up Guys

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It all ends

This reminds me of something…

The wolfpack is back…for the last time. Alan, Stu and Phil are getting together for one last adventure. After the same recipe in both 1st and 2nd part, the wolfpack is returning to the roots, in Las Vegas, where things seems to go mental. I am a bit skeptical in what regards this movie. It seems recycled…

Release date: May 24th

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We are one week away from the “biggest movie event of the year”, The Oscars, but don’t get too excited. This is not another post about Oscars, but a looking back to The Golden Globes. Let’s make a memory effort. Let’s remeber what happened more than a month ago, shall we?

The ceremony was held on 13 January 2013, in Beverly Hills, California.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-hosted. Jodie Foster was awarded The Cecil B. DeMille Award, award which honors the lifetime achievements of actors and filmmakers.

Ben Affleck took home the well deserved award for Best Director, while his movie, Argo, was awarded Best Film Drama.

Les Miserables  won 3 statuettes out of 4 nominations, including the Best Film Musical or Comedy. Hugh Jackman was awarded the Best Actor in a Musical and his colleague, Anne Hathaway received the Best Supporting Actress award.

Daniel Day-Lewis won the Best Actor in a Drama for his performance in Lincoln. On the other side, the award for Best Actress in a Drama was received by Jessica Chastain for her role in Zero Dark Thirty.

Quentin Tarantino won the award for the Best Screenplay and Christoph Waltz received the Best Supporting Actor  .

Skyfall‘s main theme won the award for the Best Original Score.

On the other hand, on television, Homeland won “the big three”: Best Series Drama and both awards for Best Actor (Damian Lewis) and Best Actress (Claire Danes).

The whole list of winners can be found on the official site, right here. I think the awards were well granted, it was a very good year for cinematography and television and this is reflected in the names that took home the statuettes.

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The best comedy travel show I ever watched, extremely funny, having a great main character, interesting perspectives and well-written scenario. 

What is this pile of rubbish about? Who are those blokes over there? Really? Well, this is a British travel documentary television series broadcast on Sky1. It is called An Idiot Abroad and features Karl Pilkington or “an idiot” who has no interest in global travel, but still is forced to go around the Earth and experience other cultures. It was originally titled Karl Pilkington’s Seven Wonders Of The World, and this should give you a heads-up of the places Karl is going to visit.

Karl is a very interesting person. It is wonderful to watch and listen him and his thoughts about any aspect of life. Putting him in different places around the world is a brilliant idea and the show is delicious. You’re going to enjoy every bit of it, especially if you’re familiar with those 3 blokes. Whether is China, India, Jordan, Mexico, Egypt, Brazil or Peru (in this order), every location gets a new meaning from the perspective of Karl. The last episode, The Debrief, is a nice recap that summarise the places Karl’s been to and the ideas he developed over his travels.

Experiencing other cultures is supposed to expand your horizon, but what result are you going to get from a man whose mind is so large and interesting? Something even more interesting, funny as hell, original in perspective, enjoyable for the viewer and more than an ordinary travel show. Seeing Karl experiencing another culture is brilliant, as there is no spirituality or deliberate philosophy, but only great humor based on humans.

The show is orchestrated by Karl’s two best friends, Steve Merchant and Ricky Gervais. They don’t think about Karl’s comfort or entertaining, every moment is built to be a gag for us and a pain in Karl’s arse. Aside of the aspects decided in common, these 2 guys prepared a lot of more interesting and funny scenarios for Karl (actually, only the location is given to Karl, the rest is spontaneity and freshness).

I enjoyed every moment of the show and I’m looking forward to the next season with great interest, wondering what are they going to prepare for Karl. I strongly recommend you to watch it and I’m going to let you discover the beauty of this show; this was a shallow review for you, my friend, in order to let you enjoy this piece of cultural-comedy art.

My rate: 9.5/10

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I have a special Christmas present for you: the 9th season of How I Met Your Mother was confirmed, the last from what I know. It’s hard to realise that your favourite comedy TV show is approaching its end and that Ted will finally find a woman to marry with.

I want a 10th season, but what can I do? Anyway this news made my winter holidays better and in the spirit of Christmas I want to share all my happiness with you. Merry Christmas!. And tune your TVs on when the next episodes of HIMYM comes on: Jan 14th 2013…

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"Futility of futilities, all is futile"


"Live to the point of tears"