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Blade Runner

This time, I dashed into another pleasant surprise.. I’m a big fan of the rain, SF and film-noir and I knew this movie is good at that, yet I never expected to find such an aesthetic and moral power breathing out of it.

Firstly, Blade Runner is probably one of the most iconic SF films ever made. For many times during the movie I completely forgot what the plot was and became so fully immersed in the world: it’s vast, rich, beautiful, filled with so many details and every frame reminds us that very fact.

Blade Runner

Secondly, the plot is not very impressive, it does not boost the usual SF epic, but rather acts as a support for the characters to evolve into and for the world to be presented onto: the movie is abundant in philosophy and makes good use of its motives. In that regard, the viewer often finds himself wondering about the conventions of human nature, morality, technology and others. Nevertheless, the most important question the movie raises is whether the main protagonist is a replicant (robot) himself or a human being. We don’t get an answer this, but rather some ambiguity regarding that topic, which leaves us to appreciate the answer from our own perspective.

Lastly, I want to notice once more the richness of this movie’s motives and film-noir conventions. By exceeding at that, Blade Runner manages to take a special place when it comes to iconic, SF cult following movies.


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The 1st season of The Following ended recently with quite a surprising finale. If you haven’t watched the show, it tells the story of a FBI agent – Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) – trying to catch a serial killer – Joe Carrol (James Purefoy) – and his murderous cult. The show is built on the antithesis between justice and crime, between Ryan Hardy and Joe Carrol. Nevertheless, a bunch of supporting characters arise from both sides and the story is filled with twisting points.

The Following took off in 5th gear, but slowed down on the road, just to make one final sprint in the last episode. The first half of the season felt like a season itself, because of its fast-paced rhythm and breathtaking suspense. On the second half of the season, the show got rusty as the things started to settle down and it couldn’t reach its previous potential. Nevertheless, the denouement of the last episode proved to be a bridge to the second season and you still won’t see it coming. After all, they managed to wipe out some of the ‘sins’ in the last couple of seconds, but to intrigue the audience as well.

That being said, it was a pleasant and enjoyable 1st season, with both ups and downs. I’m really looking forward to the 2nd season, but I’m afraid they would repeat the recipe and start well, but get tired. Even so, it remains one of the interesting shows in the first part of 2013.

My rate: 8.5/10

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"Live to the point of tears"