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Blade Runner

This time, I dashed into another pleasant surprise.. I’m a big fan of the rain, SF and film-noir and I knew this movie is good at that, yet I never expected to find such an aesthetic and moral power breathing out of it.

Firstly, Blade Runner is probably one of the most iconic SF films ever made. For many times during the movie I completely forgot what the plot was and became so fully immersed in the world: it’s vast, rich, beautiful, filled with so many details and every frame reminds us that very fact.

Blade Runner

Secondly, the plot is not very impressive, it does not boost the usual SF epic, but rather acts as a support for the characters to evolve into and for the world to be presented onto: the movie is abundant in philosophy and makes good use of its motives. In that regard, the viewer often finds himself wondering about the conventions of human nature, morality, technology and others. Nevertheless, the most important question the movie raises is whether the main protagonist is a replicant (robot) himself or a human being. We don’t get an answer this, but rather some ambiguity regarding that topic, which leaves us to appreciate the answer from our own perspective.

Lastly, I want to notice once more the richness of this movie’s motives and film-noir conventions. By exceeding at that, Blade Runner manages to take a special place when it comes to iconic, SF cult following movies.


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The good old ‘merican way

In my recent efforts of trying to change few things in my life, I’ve started to watch some old movies that sat around my computer for ages.

Quite scared by Tree of Life (watched it some time ago), one of more recent Terrrence Malick’s works, I didn’t knew what to expect from his first full-length directed, produced and wrote movie,apart from some rumble about “old ‘merica” and some weird shots of desserts and maybe mountains. Boy, was I wrong…


“The day was quiet and serene but I didn’t notice, for I was deep in thought, and not even thinking about how to slip off. The world was like a faraway planet to which I could never return. I thought what a fine place it was, full of things that people can look into and enjoy.”

Firstly, Badlands is a true american movie. It reeks of 60’s mid-west cultural background and the “good old ‘merican ways” (I’m no expert though). Few shots of that mid-west, quite rhetorical quotes, a James Dean look alike main character (quite resembling the attitude of Rebel Without a Cause) and a mildly Bonny and Clyde inspired plot, gives this movie, both a very spiritual driven, but also action wise part.

Some might argue, it’s even a story about spiritual findings, somewhat remembering Kerouac’s On The Road (the american symbols start to pile), this time, the destination being “the Mountains”, on the far side of the picture. As for the fate of our protagonist, it could be seen as either sad or beautiful, depending on the person and their view of the events presented in the movie.

As for me, I believe this is a story that should be seen with a dose of nostalgia and an attitude for aesthetic western american culture.

In conclusion, Martin Sheen commented in 1999 that Badlands “still is” the best script he had ever read. He wrote that “It was mesmerising. It disarmed you. It was a period piece, and yet of all time. It was extremely American, it caught the spirit of the people, of the culture, in a way that was immediately identifiable”.


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Man of Steel – The  ‘S’ stands for hope

Directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, Man of Steel is a fresh start for a 75 years-old superhero. With a script from David S. Groyer (writer of The Dark Knight trilogy), Man of Steel introduces Clark Kent as unaware of his moral responsibilities towards Earth and his inhabitant, wandering around America, trying to fit it and remain anonymous.

However, as the story progresses, Clark Kent becomes Superman and takes full-use and responsibility of his powers. Although the film becomes more and more packed with action and special effects as super-punches are flying around and buildings are being torn down, Man of Steel is not a void film. Indeed, it is a great action film and keeps you to the edge of your seat, but it has a lot of drama and moral themes to show you as well.

 You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill

That’s right ladies, Clark caries a lot of responsibility on his strong shoulders…

Man of Steel is a film of drama and ethics, having a character that is really a superhero with moral struggles and ethical responsibilities. Flashbacks from Clark’s past shows how hard was for him to fit in our world due to his powers. Clark is an outcast, and outsider, but as soon as he becomes aware of his moral responsibilities he turns into a true superhero: a strong symbol and an example, a definition for justice and hope. In this order of ideas, Superman becomes one the most ethical and strongest superhero on the screens right now.

As for conclusion, you need to know that you’ll find a serious and responsable Superman, adrenaline-packed fights, a fresh story, great visual effects and a direction that sets Clark Kent in a darker world than ever before, with a lot of genuine problems to be taken care off.

One of the trailers down below:

My rate: 8.5


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And the Oscar goes to…just a moment more. The ceremony just ended and I’m here to give you the list of those who were awarded the most prestigious prizes in the film industry. With no further introduction, the winners are:

Argo, directed by Ben Affleck, won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Ang Lee won the Oscar for Best Director for Life of Pi.

Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress award for her role in Silver Lining Playbook.

Daniel Day-Lewis won a record third Best Actor Oscar for his role as the president in Lincoln.

The most awards were won by Life of Pi, which won 4 Oscars. The most nominated film was Lincoln with 12 nominations, from which it won only 2.

Anne Hathaway won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Les Miserables.

On the other hand, Christoph Waltz won the Best Support Actor Oscar for his role in Django Unchained.

Also, Quentin Tarantino, the director and writer of Django Unchained, won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

The Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay was won by Chris Terrio for Argo.

Skyfall won the Best Original Song and Best Sound Editing, the last shared with Zero Dark Thirty.

Besides, Best Director, Life of Pi won the Oscars for Best Original Score, Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects.

Les Miserables won the Oscars for Best Sound Mixing and Best Makeup.

Lincoln, the most nominated film, won, besides Best Actor, the Oscar for Bes Production Design.

Anna Karenina won at Best Costume Design.

Overall, it was a great year for film industry and also for Oscars. We had balanced and versatile awards, the most important categories got winners from different films and after all, the 85th Academy Awards were good enough in order to make everybody pleased.

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We are one week away from the “biggest movie event of the year”, The Oscars, but don’t get too excited. This is not another post about Oscars, but a looking back to The Golden Globes. Let’s make a memory effort. Let’s remeber what happened more than a month ago, shall we?

The ceremony was held on 13 January 2013, in Beverly Hills, California.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-hosted. Jodie Foster was awarded The Cecil B. DeMille Award, award which honors the lifetime achievements of actors and filmmakers.

Ben Affleck took home the well deserved award for Best Director, while his movie, Argo, was awarded Best Film Drama.

Les Miserables  won 3 statuettes out of 4 nominations, including the Best Film Musical or Comedy. Hugh Jackman was awarded the Best Actor in a Musical and his colleague, Anne Hathaway received the Best Supporting Actress award.

Daniel Day-Lewis won the Best Actor in a Drama for his performance in Lincoln. On the other side, the award for Best Actress in a Drama was received by Jessica Chastain for her role in Zero Dark Thirty.

Quentin Tarantino won the award for the Best Screenplay and Christoph Waltz received the Best Supporting Actor  .

Skyfall‘s main theme won the award for the Best Original Score.

On the other hand, on television, Homeland won “the big three”: Best Series Drama and both awards for Best Actor (Damian Lewis) and Best Actress (Claire Danes).

The whole list of winners can be found on the official site, right here. I think the awards were well granted, it was a very good year for cinematography and television and this is reflected in the names that took home the statuettes.

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"Futility of futilities, all is futile"


"Live to the point of tears"