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Starry Night

And in this moment I swear, we are infinite..

Do you ever look upon the stars and dream? I know you do. Did you ever feel the perfect peace on a starry night? Because that’s how I feel when I look at this painting. I feel perfect. I feel calm and fulfilled. I feel infinite. Maybe I’m a dreamer and that’s why I feel like this. Maybe it’s only the simple fact that I love the calm nights with their neon lights and stars. I’m starting to feel more and more lost in this painting, lost in the river, among the stars, guided by the city lights.

Starry Night

A similar view of the one in the painting, 2008.

Light will guide you home.

While I’m still trying to recover, let me write down a few words about the painting itself. It is called Starry Night Over the Rhone and was painted in September 1888 by Vincent van Gogh. It depicts the city of Arles in the south of France where van Gogh moved hoping for refuge at a time when he was ill. The painting shows the bank of river Rhone on a starry night, with the lights of gas lamps and stars reflecting into water.

There is a perfect feeling into this picture and I don’t know where it comes from. Maybe the stars and the sky. Maybe the river. Maybe the reflection of gas lightning… I really don’t know… and I won’t try to pretend that I know. All I know is what I feel and right now and I feel incredible. I feel lost and found in the same time, I feel charmed and fulfilled, I really do feel infinite…

Look again. What do you feel?


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The night was quiet, too quiet. All you could hear was the soft warble of the water flowing somewhere behind the tree line. The bright sky, filled by glowing stars and a full moon, couldn’t enlighten the night through the dense foliage of the jungle. There was an easy gust of wind now and then, crossing the loaded branches, making a low sound, more calming in the dense, quiet darkness of the night.

They were guarding a random position, taken 2 days ago from them. Josh and Matt were staying in a fox hole with a full loaded machine gun on a cold tripod. They had their Tommy Guns on the side of the hole, as well as 3 hand grenades and 2 Colt Pistols, but they’ll remain unused, lost in the darkness of the night.

They knew each other as back as they could remember. Josh and Matt were best buddies, both from the same hometown, both taking the same schools, sharing the same adventures and problems, both being here, in the same night. Matt was 2 months older than Josh and always took care of him as a youngest brother he never had. He even saved his life twice since they were on the battlefield, but he never thought of that as a favour, or a good gesture. He always felt like that was his job, like he had to protect Josh, like that was a normal thing to do for him.

– Goddamn trees! You can’t even see the sky and I’m tired of this darkness! If they attack, we won’t be able to see them not until they get close enough to wipe us of the face of Earth.

– Yeah, Josh said. At least is not raining and it’s not too cold as well. If we weren’t at war, this would be a perfect night to stay awake, think clear in the quietness of the night or simple enjoy the silence.

– Only if…

As now, it doesn’t count at all. In the war, there is no beauty and even no time to catch your breath. There is only the silence or the thundering of combat, only clear fields or smoky holes, only dead corpses or dying bodies, slowly losing themselves at the influence of war. They could never enjoy anything in the war, even that calm and quiet night back then. You must stay alert at all times, constant vigilance, as the training thought them and there is a strong reason to be so.

– You heard that?

– What?

– I just thought that… Never mind! Let’s just be careful!

And in the silence of the night a short, sharp sound crossed the jungle as a gun was loaded…

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The symphony of colours


The skyline never to end,
The symphony of colours dancing in the sky.
The reflection of reality, a soft line,
Across the dream, into the high.

This picture reminds me how beautiful the summer dusk is, the sunshine and the psychedelic mix of colours in the sky creating a unique atmosphere. This is the time of the fusion between day and night, light and darkness, life and death, the time of fine contrasts.

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I woke up in the middle of the night…the clock was beating regularly, singing its symphony of hard noises. I tried to stand but my head was spinning the room. I felt on my bed, staring at the empty walls, contemplating a world of bad dreams I dreamed before. What was the difference between me and the dark corners of my subconscious? Maybe the life beating in chest, the feel of cold on my skin…lies…were is the line between illusion and reality? How can you trace such a line, if nothing can’t be taken as true?
I struggled a world of illusions and managed to put my conscience on the straight line. Look at the windows. Why is the glass steamed? Why is my breath melting into the air? Believing in my strength I have found the force to take a slow crawl…the street was empty down below. My heart started to pump the rush of adrenaline…
My head hurt, the image started to spin, the noise was all around…Woke up a couple of moments late, or I slept an eternity?
There was light out there…a man was rushing on the street, a quiet noise wad ringing in my head. No more pain…no more nothing and everything staring at me…
I got a hole in my reason, my soul was shaterred…starring at the same street, in my room of cold walls.

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"Futility of futilities, all is futile"


"Live to the point of tears"