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Sky’s dark and grey, while the wind screams around the corner of the street, carrying fresh leaves and old dust. The sky looks so interesting in a mixture of heavy clouds, but somehow, the focus of action stays on the ground level.

While the rain might start any second now, the peace before the storm is long gone, maybe from the second the clouds started gathering on the sky, the second the wind started blowing… all I can certainly feel is the emptyness around, in both outside and inside my soul.

It feels so cold, so dark, so hollow, it makes me wanna scream and laugh, it makes me feel better and worse in the same time. The nature had once again come to play with my fragile person, torturing and fondling me, but I can’t ask for nothing more…

The rain may never start again from what I care… it will be fine just the way it is, in this endless prelude of fine taste.

It may never start again from what I care… it will be just perfect…


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It’s raining all again, after such a long time. I almost forgot the sound of the splashing water against the concrete, the smell of my street in rain, the image of the sky, the heavy clouds, the pressure and the psycho-spiritual relief, but someone up there has not forgotten me, or maybe that’s just a random natural phenomenon. Who knows? Who wants to know? I just want to sit back and enjoy the symphony of the water, that essential chemical element, the source of all that lives on Earth.

Nevertheless, people are blind, deaf and insensible. They leave the street, they ignore the song, they look apart and close the windows of their houses. Why? How I’d want to understand them. Am I a freak? Don’t think so. I just love the rain and until the day I will pass away I will still be incurable in love with the rain.

I’m closing for now as they raindrops get thicker and stronger and I want to be there, in the middle of it, to sing and dance at unison with Mother Nature. Let it rain, hard and mighty, like the world would end tomorrow, like we’d see no other sun, no other day…

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A storm’s coming…
The city rushes.
The city screams.
The noise
Fierce, mighty noise!
It grows higher and stronger.
It goes up, up in the sky.
The shrieks
The sound of the dying.
Strong, futile shrieks.
The sound
That symphony
Such a hard noise!
Such a nice symphony!

The lights,
Dancing in the night,
Dancing in the darkness,
Dancing with the shadows,
Playing, mixing one with the other.
The colours
The values
The eye, tired to focus, tired to think,
Taking all as it is.
The picture of hidious heaven
The picture of beatific hell
All the light dancing…dancing.

The rain,
Mighty rain,
Divine rain,
Cleaning rain,
Beautiful rain,
The sound of the wind,
Blowing, screaming, singing.
The darkness of the clouds
The power of the picture,
All supreme, upper, above us, above all of us.
Us: standing, waiting, breathing and screaming like a hungry child on his mother’s breast.

The mighty storm!
The sound,
The wonderful sound!
The echo of a waterdrop,
Falling, reaching, splashing and dying.
The scream of the rain,
That beautiful symphony!
That mighty picture!
Those shadows,
Dark, grey, horrifying shadows!

The storm had come.
It will end in a moment.
What is the storm? A drop in the ocean. What are we? A drop in the sea.

It rains.
It rains like the mighty heaven opened above.
It rains and I cry, I cry and I live.
It rains with tears.
What an ugly symphony!

It rains,
It rains,
It rains.

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It’s windy out here. A pleasent and warmth gale, like a sea breeze. The clouds above are waiting. For what? Isn’t all just a hazard of fate? Isn’ the world working on a chaotic pattern?

It starts to rain, softly, with singular drops. The wind takes them all to a different destination. Doesn’t the life do the same to all of us?

It’s going like that for ages and it stops. No storm. No freezing wind. No pour rain. Nothing special. Nothing fierce. Just peace. Peace…

I was confused. Tried to reflect, to think about it, to explain the phenomenon. Got nowhere. Then it hit me. I felt it. So much peace and so much sense. I could understand all of it, or as much as I am capable to understand. After all, we’re limited….

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I got down in the street today. The lights just went on…how beautiful the dusk is, probably the most beautiful time of the day. No. Not probably. For sure.

The clouds lay heavily above. I could smell the rain. I was waiting for the rain to burst out of the sky, counting the minutes, keeping in touch with all my senses. Minutes? Maybe hours have passed. Time was a just a relativity…

A waterdrop, two, three, hundreds…it all began in a flash of a second and it will all end in a moment.

The street quickly cleared out. I was alone, me and the rain. A fellow was passing now and then, rushing towards a certain point, towards his goal. What a waste of time! Why didn’t we enjow the small and segnificant moments like this beautiful rain?

Stood there…don’t know how long. I was charmed by the soft symphony of the rain. Got back at home.

Here I am now, writing a line. The rain is still falling, I am still living. For how long? Only time will tell. As long as the rain goes on, I will be here writing for you. The rain is fading away…

Here, your humble and futile fellow, ’til the next time, Sorry.

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It’s raining cats and dogs as I’m writing these words. I don’t know why, but I always fancied the rain and the atmosphere around this natural phenomenon. No… I love it!

Maybe it’s my way to go deep in insights or just to go spiritual. Maybe I synchronise with something upper, a mych more complex mechanism than I am, something I’m not able to understand.

So much meaning lies in the nature, in this rain, in those little drops of water, in all of us. And I’m thinking, isn’t my life, our existence, just a fall of rain, a futile storm of ideas and dream? Aren’t we futile, ephemeral?

How I love to stand in here, with my coup of tea, listening to a specific song, watching down the window. Or standing in the rain, singing my own song, drinking my coup of…dreams. We live in a beautiful world. We do. We may not see it. But under that coldness and darkness of the heavy clouds, there lies a sun and a beauty I can’t describe.

Maybe I’m being abstract or I stick to the point. Maybe I’m being romantic…In doesn’t matter as long as the water keeps falling down.

It’s raining as I write…I will continue another time. For now, I just want to enjoy the rain.

Your humble writer and fellow, to eternity, or as long as the rain stands, Sorry.

P.S. : I will write you as soon as I can, as soon as I’m ready.

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Cold blood

Empty heart, cold of blood

I felt like dying on this day
Embrace me as I fall away
But you’re a shadow anyway
And I’m not going to make you stay.

I put my heart on the table
Feeling its beat slowly in time
Let the rain start and the cold come
I will go on path where I don’t need it anyway.

Embrace me darling as hard as you can
And kiss me tender on my cold lips again.
Put a gun on the spot of my heart
And pull the trigger. Let us see the pieces apart.

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