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Are you familiar with the expression spring neurosis? I wouldn’t think so… I want to believe that I somehow coined or invented the phrase, although I’m pretty sure a certain symbolistic poet may have used it, or at leat suggest it (got it?) somewhere down the line, so it might be just a subconscious impulse and nothing that great… This only grows the neurosis…

Anyway, the spring neurosis is a very common “affection”, or so I believe. It’s that anxiety that hits you every spring, mostly because the big changes that you encounter all over the place, but that’s only a mere pretext. A spring neurosis comes from the spring changes, but it’s mostly a psychological and emotional strain those changes puts on you and like any other illness, you have to fight it and eventually overcome it

As for me, it hits me every spring. It hits me more often than that, but never like this. This spring I had to move out from the apartment I lived in for almost 4 years, a place to be called home, to another apartment a couple of blocks away. The motifs are above me and not to be debated. Anyway, this was the pretext, along the spring which brings a whole new perspective over the world. I can’t just shut my eyes and ignore everything… and maybe that’s not a particular wrong thing, but maybe it’s also a defect…

To give you an idea of what I’m going through, it’s like this anxiety that comes and goes, sometimes fear, sometimes hate, sometimes simple boredom… and it’s very hard if you ask me, but I know there are people who are having worse than that and I wish them all the best, because every spring neurosis eventually heals, leaving room for some other, more complicated emotional, psychological issues…


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Spring Breakers is a crime film written and directed by Harmony Korine, starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and James Franco. The film follows four college-aged girls, Faith, Brit, Candy, and Cotty, on their spring break in Florida where they engage a reckless behavior.

“We’re in a magic place, y’all. You can change who you are, yo. Bikinis and big booties, yo. That’s what life is about.”

First, I need to confess that I enjoyed Spring Breakers more than I thought I would. The film might look like a cheap teen party. I admit that. It has its flaws, but when you look deeper, under the party-like themes, you discover a poem of violence and eroticism. Spring Breakers is a loud cry on the outside and a soft symphony in the inside. Nevertheless, the crowded and reckless parties seem to be too much for some viewers, stealing the thunder, pushing the meaning even deeper into the film.

“I’m tired of seeing the same thing. Everybody’s so miserable here because they see the same things everyday, they wake up in the same bed, same houses, same depressing streetlights, one gas station, grass, it’s not even green, it’s brown. Everything is the same and everyone is just sad. I really don’t want to end up like them. I just want to get out of here. There’s more than just spring break. This is our chance to see something different.”

Harmony Korine did a good job as both director and writer of Spring Breakers giving a fresh air to an obscene film. If we put aside the party moments, Korine manages to give a fragrant atmosphere to a violent and erotic film, pushing its violence and eroticism to an upper level, allegorical and “poetical”, aesthetical and meaningful in the same time.

James Franco makes a great part in portraying Alien, an ambitious and materialist rapper/gangster. The apparent spinelessness is countered by its deepness, although we’re talking about a minimal philosophy, marked by money and power mostly. In some way, Alien remembers me of a stereotypical guy who is driven by a poor background and his thirst for materialism. That being said, France manages a great part, despite the his teeth wrapped in tinfoil and dreadlocks. After all, like the whole film, Alien is marked by the difference between appearances and depth.

“This was my dream. I made it come true. This is the f****** American dream. This is the f****** dream y’all. This is my s***. Look at my s***. I got shorts, every f****** color. I got designer t-shirts. I got gold bullets. Motherf****** vampires. I got my dark tannin’ oil, lay out by the pool. This is the American dream, y’all.”

In what regards the feminine part of this film, I only have to attack the characters of Gomez and Korine, who chicken out and leave the picture. I don’t have to condemn their performances, even if there were slights slips on the road. The innocence of Faith and the cowardness of Cotty almost irritated me, but after all they managed to highlight the amplitude of Candy and Brit (Hudgens and Benson). The devotion for the story brings out the character of Hudgens and Benson and their acting as well. After all, the film would have been to crowded with so many main characters.

“We’re gonna change the world, y’all. This is poetry in motion.”

In conclusion, Spring Break is a hard nut with a tasteful core. Direction/Script went hand to hand, especially from a visual and ideational perspective. Franco, Benson and Hudgens did amazing parts. The modern assertion of pop culture seen from such a vision is something to watch this spring. No matter if we talk about characters or plot, Spring Breakers remains a film of contrasts, the contrast between appearances and depth, between the tinfoil and the teeth under it (excuse the uninspired little joke, y’all).

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It’s spring again. The sun shines brightly over the sky, watching, taking care of the small and insignificant creatures from down below. The warmth got everywhere and everything. There is fresh smell in the air and a new chapter is ready to be written.

The spring picture has something false in it. Maybe is just the awareness that another part of the year had passed and you still haven’t reached your goals. Is that strong change that makes you realise how evanescent you are. The nature came all alive, but in less than half a year it all be dead. You will be getting old and die just as fast and you’re not coming back. You’ll be stuck in an empty memory…

It all happens again and again, from year to year. It all seems so familiar and yet, it looks like a framing picture of the past and present. Maybe that’s how I feel about myself in the spring. Maybe I’ve been growing in the past year and everything looks different now. The spring makes me realise that time is passing…

I should be happy like the rest of my fellows and yet, I’m anxious, afraid, maybe nostalgic. I feel like a leaf, left behind by the cold winter. I remember the past times and I realise how much I have lost, how many moments, friendships and places I have missed. It makes me wanna cry, loud and clear, but I can’t. The autumn is the season of rains. Now, the sun has to shine. I have to be normal. All the people look the same to me, laughing for an unknown reason. Don’t they see? Don’t they feel? Is there something wrong with me?

I fear. I fear so much. The spring may never be more beautiful than now, but as long as I’m not in the same mood, it makes no sense. Maybe I can’t see pass my reflection. Maybe I got stuck in this ever going phenomenon of nature…I don’ know what to think. I see one thing, but I feel a totally different one. I hear a bird singing, but it seems like a scream to me. I see happy faces running around and they all look dead to me…

The spring neurosis is a natural phenomenon for humans. Only few of them feel it…

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It’s kind of windy and snowy here, but spring is just around the corner, so I thought that I should share you a fresh song, something to loose you around a bit. I can’t help myself from reacting when I hear those dancing tunes. This is not something that I usually listen, but I decided to try new things as the spring might come with something different.

Suit & Tie is a song by Justin Timberlake, who just got back into music after quite a long pause with a third studio album titled  The 20/20 Experience. This song made some waves, but it really has something to offer, something attractive, something to loose you around as I said. Take your moves and let the rhythm do the rest. Nice comeback, Justin!

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"Futility of futilities, all is futile"


"Live to the point of tears"