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It came to my attention lately that I became lazy and procrastinating. Looks like, the summer holiday has two sides for me: a couch-potato coma of some sorts and the possibility to reach the stars (mind the awful metaphor, would you?).

So, why come back? Why not lay down and die? (mind the other bad metaphor, please..)

Probably to go forward if you ask me… probably to get out of bed… and to exercise my rusty capacity of original feelings and thoughts, however improbable that seems to be.

That being said, I’m going to roll with the wave and try to put some things that run through that narrow mind of mine on this kind of “paper” (no, I’m not at the seaside… more about that some other time).

PS: to those 2 people who accidentally came over this post, it’s good to have you here! Btw, this is more of an exercise to myself, rather than a statement..


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The Eagles – Hotel California

It seems like the summer rushed in sooner than usual. Something spiritual came with it, something to carry me away in a Californian Dream, in a land just like the one depicted in this song: “on a dark desert highway… cool wind in my hair… dancing in the courtyard”.

Just like the old times, when music was still music, when life was much simpler and much more beautiful… Let’s embrace that kind of peaceful atmosphere and let’s remember “such a lovely place”, such a powerful memory, even if it doesn’t exist. Let’s go to Hotel California… but be careful, you might be charmed and never leave… so did I…


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The symphony of colours


The skyline never to end,
The symphony of colours dancing in the sky.
The reflection of reality, a soft line,
Across the dream, into the high.

This picture reminds me how beautiful the summer dusk is, the sunshine and the psychedelic mix of colours in the sky creating a unique atmosphere. This is the time of the fusion between day and night, light and darkness, life and death, the time of fine contrasts.

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"Futility of futilities, all is futile"


"Live to the point of tears"