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True Detective

We get the world we deserve

I still believe that True Detective is one of the best TV shows to come out in the 2010’s. Though, at times, the first half of the season was slow paced, had a tangled plot and lacked the rhetorical philosophy of the first season, the things started to take off as the conclusion was coming upon.

In that regard, I’m not trying to say that the first half of the season was bad, but rather that it seems to have left lots of people with a bitter taste. The show introduced the characters and the plot in the first half, but somehow, I didn’t cared for it that much. Nevertheless, as that epic shootout took place, everything changed: suddenly I was hooked..

True Detective

Never do anything out of hunger

I think that what mattered most this season was not the plot (who killed Casper), but the characters, their dynamic and how I started to care for them more and more to the point where I was screaming at my TV in the finale. Though the relationships seemed out of place in the beginning and the characters themselves seemed to be reticent towards each other, it all started to change as they were pulled into a criminal conspiracy bigger than any of them (and sadly, than all of them).

One thing that ate me up in the finale is how the world is owned by those who are corrupt and willing to cross any line in order take and keep the power for their own, twisted purposes. Even if our characters tried to stand up, they didn’t managed to change much, but rather lose a lot in the process… Contrary to Rust and Marty, not many got to walk the scene this season, but rather leave it with a bang (both literally and figuratively) and though it made me very sad, I am happy with how things got to play out…



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Dexter season 8

Tonight’s the night

It’s been almost 7 years since we first met Dexter Morgan, blood spatter pattern analyst by day, serial killer by night, and over 7 seasons his world has been constantly and considerably changing. So, it’s no surprise that it all starts to fall apart for Dexter, but is he really going to hit a dead end?

There has been many speculations about where the show is heading and how will things wrap up and we finally have the change to see it, because Dexter will premiere it eight season today, on Showtime. The season will be running for 12 weeks with the usual 1 ep/week, the finale being scheduled to air on September 22, so I guess that the summer will be even better than I predicted.

You have the trailer of the 8 season below:

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I have a special Christmas present for you: the 9th season of How I Met Your Mother was confirmed, the last from what I know. It’s hard to realise that your favourite comedy TV show is approaching its end and that Ted will finally find a woman to marry with.

I want a 10th season, but what can I do? Anyway this news made my winter holidays better and in the spirit of Christmas I want to share all my happiness with you. Merry Christmas!. And tune your TVs on when the next episodes of HIMYM comes on: Jan 14th 2013…

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