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Coldplay released their new music video for “Magic”, a single which will be featured on their upcoming album “Ghost Stories” launching 16th May 2014.

I’m very excited for Ghost Stories… and I like Magic…


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A week’s gone and the late spring finally began. I’ve been passing through a difficult moral struggle, a spring neurosis as I like to call it. This week, I give you Sacrilege, the new single from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a song that impresses through its explicit and difficult video, but through its message as well.

The sacrilege is a major sin. How can we violate something that is above us, but even something in the same condition? Isn’t egality a concept we fought for, a concept we built our society on? Then why, why do we keep doing those sacrileges, why do we condemn the others, before condemnig ourselves?…We really lack a moral sense…

Sacrilege observe this idea from a sexual perspective, one of our basic urges. It shows that we have to control ourselves, to be more moral than sensual, more like the woman and not like the collective character. Everyone, even the priest, condemned the woman and chose to burn her as a solution, even if the problem lies in them.

Until next time, remember to look in yourself before looking at others, remember to judge yourself before judging the others. Remember to be moral before committing a sacrilege…


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"Futility of futilities, all is futile"


"Live to the point of tears"